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Xcellent Drones provides drone based aerial videography and photography services in Northern Virginia using FAA registered, approved and insured drones.  Our services are competitively priced. We are passionate about providing the highest quality aerial video and photography services to our clients in real estate, construction projects, live events, for example: weddings and other special events. Here is a highlight of the services we currently offer.

New Construction Site
Real Estate
Live Events (Weddings...)

We provide construction site aerial drone photography and video. The results are superb quality HD video and photos for every stage of your construction project.

We use drones to take photographs and video to help realtors sell houses and property. If you are getting married, having a graduation or live event, you can really make the photos and videos stand out and be even more memorable by incorporating aerial photography and videography.
To show the progression of the construction of a mega-church in Warrenton, VA, we were contracted by the builder to produce a series of videos and photos. Over the course of several months we visited the site numerous times to gather aerial drone footage, which we then edited together into short videos and photos.

There’s no better way to get an overview and see the progress of a construction site than by using aerial photography. As the construction progressed, we also took pictures of the inside of the building. The builder was also able to use the photos as marketing material.

Another example of our services in action - we helped a private school board in the evaluation of a building they were considering to purchase. Our aerial photography provided a building evaluation that was timely and critical to their decision making process.

An aerial photograph or short video of a property will greatly increase its saleability. Not only does the image give a better idea of the size of the property but it also shows the extent of the gardens and land and it can better describe the setting of the elements for sale. Even houses and apartments that look relatively plain from ground level can be given an aesthetic advantage by photographing them from an elevated viewpoint.

So, give your property portfolio that extra sales push by using aerial drone property photography from us. Xcellent Drones offers affordably priced aerial video and photography service using remotely piloted, FAA registered and compliant, aerial drone systems.

We offer drone photography and videography to get the most unique perspectives possible at your special events. By utilizing our drone and advanced media equipment we are able to get shots and footage that ground based photographers are uable to produce. This ensures that all aspects of your important moments are captured for your future enjoyment. These shots will also impress friends and family that you show them to.

Do something special in regards to your photography and videography for your wedding or live event. Capture the angles and perspectives that you never dreamed possible and make your viewing as memorable as the event itself with drone photography and videography fromXcellent Drones.

Sample video
Sample video
Sample video


Contact Xcellent Drones to provide, competitively priced, aerial phtography and videography. We carry liability insurance up to $1M or higher depending on the location and the job.


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